ADAMAS + IBRIDOMA “Route 77 - Acoustic Split Album” /CD/

The first split album by Italian Melodic Thrash Metal and Heavy/Power Metal bands.
Debut acoustic release for both bands. Track “Eyes of the Stranger” performed by musicians of both, Adamas and Ibridoma.
Great acoustic album for all Melodic Rock lovers!!
SG Records, 2017 ‎(SGCD104). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Adamas - Tears I Never Cried 5:58
2. Adamas - Morphine 4:53
3. Adamas - Pics From Life 5:39
4. Adamas - Ultima Bugia 4:29
5. Ibridoma - Nebbia 5:01
6. Ibridoma - Sei 4:09
7. Ibridoma - Natalia 5:11
8. Ibridoma - End Of The Day 3:45
9. Adamas / Ibridoma - Eyes Of The Stranger 4:10
Total playing time: 43:22 min.

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