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INVECTION “Facet Of Aberration” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the American Thrash Metal band.
This young band play uncompromising in your face Thrash Metal.
10 songs bursting with tons of energy speedy and rhythmical at the same time perfect for someone who want to bang the shit out of his head!
Influences come from classic Bay Area bands of the 80's like Exodus and early Metallica to the giants of Euro Thrash like Kreator just to mention a few names but all these are fused into Invection's music along with their own personal style resulting in powerful, passionate and aggressive songs.
Andrew Kubiak's vocals are almost identical to Tom Arraya's style back in the days of “Divine Intervention” and “Undisputed Attitude”.
Invection's music is fast and heavy but at the same time has that vibe and feel albums like “Hell Awaits”, “Reign In Blood” and at times they bring to mind the golden days of Nuclear Assault's “Handle With Care” and “Game Over”. John Haag's drumming is absolutely stunning he has the speed, the groove and his playing can elevate even the weaker moments of the album into a headbanging Thrash fest.
Andrew Kubiak and Drew Gage's guitar playing is filled with great riffs but there aren't afraid in casting aside their influences and get a bit more technical with their leads. Listener doesn't have to face a constant hammering of fast riffs and tons of double bass for the sake of speed only. Invection know when to slow down and mix various mid tempo parts in their songs adding more variety without losing character.
Production is very fitting keeping the balances between modern Thrash of today and old school 80's sound. Drums sound natural moving away from the cursed digital triggered trend that dominated metal productions from mid 90's to 00's.
If you consider a fan of 80's Slayer style and love to wreck your neck with bands like Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Kreator, early Metallica and miss the Thrash days of Megadeth, give Invection a chance and you won't be disappointed!!
StormSpell Records, 2011 (SSR-DL64). Made in USA. Pressed in Japan.

1. Impulsive Violence 3:58
2. Invection 2:40
3. Derealization 3:49
4. Formication 4:08
5. Drug Justice 3:27
6. Solace In Mediocrity 3:59
7. Two Faced Lie 4:43
8. As The Locust Starve 4:31 
9. Broken Silence 5:14 
10. Noetic Affliction 4:26
Total playing time: 40:55

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