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INGRIMM “Henk Ihn!” /CD/

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    Band: INGRIMM
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The fourth full-length album by German Folk/Medieval/Power/Thrash Metal band.
After the departure of founding member and frontman Fenris in autumn 2012, Ingrimm finally released new album, "Henkt Him!". Now the new vocalist René Brand open fire at the microphone recording to prove himself. Their new album has a rather heavy sound somewhere between Industrial Metal and a few Thrash Metal parts. Now they put more Metal but less Folk influences in their sound. There are a few bagpipes, hurdy gurdies and violins in the songs. Sometimes, it rather feels as if the Folk instruments were alibis to get the attention of the Medieval Rock scene for a Neue Deutsche Härte band. Ingrimm somewhat sounds like a mixture of Grantig, Saltatio Mortis and Stahlmann.
Even after some personnel turbulence, Ingrimm show clear in which direction they steer their ship. The instruments are played first class and testify to a masterly production. The songs are full of Metal influences with interesting rhythms, excellent drums and a perfect violin.
Tougher than the rest of the Medieval Rock community, Ingrimm establish the genre midfield and are a good alternative to the standards! Not more but also not less!!
SPM/Trollzorn Records, 2014 (TZ047). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Hetzer 3:41 
2. Carpe Diem 3:46 
3. Asche Auf Mein Haupt 3:59 
4. Hängt Ihn 3:14 
5. Eiskalter Wind 3:58 
6. Schwarzes Gold 3:34 
7. Fühl Dich Frei 3:07 
8. Tritt Mich 3:56 
9. Sanduhr 4:41 
10. Engel 6:06
Total playing time: 40:02

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