FRETERNIA / PERSUADER "Swedish Metal Triumphators, vol. 1" /Digipack Split CD/

Two Swedish oldschool Power/Speed Metal bands on one CD!
This out of print split-CD includes 4 tracks each of Freternia and Persuader: two studio tracks from their first albums and two rare demo tracks.
Freternia’s debut “Warchants & Fairytales” was released in July of 2000. Album shows a young up and coming band with excellent ideas and a great singer. Freternia utilizes a similair combination of heavy, fast melodies, powerful choral elements, and fantasy lyrics as Blind Guardian but with musical influences leaning more towards bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray.
Persuader’s first album “The Hunter” was released in July of 2000. Album shows a big potential of the band.  Jens Karlsson and lead guitarist Emil Norberg would later team up with Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch and Iron Savior guitarist/vocalist Piet Sielck to form Savage Circus!!
Loud N'Proud Records, 2000 (LNP 019). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Czech.

1. Persuader - Heart and Steel ** 04:48
2. Persuader - Cursed ** 04:52
3. Persuader - Escape (demo) * 05:20
4. Persuader - Cursed (demo) * 04:57
5. Freternia - The Worst of Enemies ** 05:05
6. Freternia - Guardians of the Night ** 04:42
7. Freternia - Two Friends in Enemyland (demo) * 05:53
8. Freternia - Guardians of the Night (demo) * 04:39
Total playing time: 40:16

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