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ENVENOMED “Evil Unseen” /CD/

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Official re-release of the debut full-length album by Australian Melodic Thrash Metal band.
Envenomed started in 2005, working their way through the ranks in terms of lineup changes, stylistic development, and eventually releasing their first self-titled EP in 2009. In the interim between that release and this current full-length record, in 2012 the band released a single for “Global Deception” – which happens to appear as the last track here. The quartet perform in a Melodic Thrash platform – opening up a lot of dynamics in terms of their abilities and songwriting horizons.
Opening with a galloping rhythm and a melodic riff, "Evil Unseen" wastes no time thundering into its infectious groove, and as “Will of Man” begins, you’re greeted by vocalist Anthony Mavrikis’ undeniably engrossing style. This is coupled by the excellent, pounding bass work of Liam Wagener and the consistent one-two punch of the guitars and drums; the former of which comprises the innovative, Metallic solos and riffs courtesy of Brendan Farrugia, with the latter maintaining the backbone of the band. Adam Bartleson’s drum lines course onwards like a voracious beast. At times, they beat an understated melody, and at others, they gorge themselves on the meaty rhythms, bouncing off the walls like this maniacal creature eagerly awaiting the moment it can burst out onto the stage, tearing down the proverbial gates with it, to spectacular and forceful rhythms as the double-bass notes kick in.
Perhaps one of the best things that works to Envenomed’s favour here is that "Evil Unseen" is different from most other Thrash Metal albums you’ll find today, and that becomes immediately noticeable just from the opening title track alone. With traditional Metal influences happily saturating much of its sound, Envenomed describe their sound as being Melodic Thrash, a title which in itself is intriguing. There are many elements that make themselves known throughout the listening experience of this album. Whilst the double-bass that make up those familiar Thrash Metal tones are there, the elements that unexpectedly rear their heads at various stages are interesting in themself. This comprises such things as engaging hooks, soaring choruses, and immersive guitar solos that are strewn throughout the mix. On its own, that mightn’t sound so revolutionary, but it is something that certainly helps this record to stand out from other Thrash Metal albums currently on the market.
Those who favor a cleaner vocalist with gang-oriented background support, twin guitars and lightning fast tempo changes should go gangbusters over Envenomed! Killer stuff here, folks!!
For fans of Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Symphony X!!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2014/2015 (P18R 102). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Evil Unseen 0:54 
2. Will Of Man 4:18 
3. Spoils Of Victory 4:31 
4. Burn The Sun 3:26 
5. Falling 5:11 
6. Within Me 4:12 
7. Disobey The Beast 4:09 
8. Mechanical Enemy 4:06 
9. The Shadowland 4:17 
10. Spirit Machine 5:11 
11. Demonocracy 4:09 
12. Global Deception 4:52
Total playing time: 49:16


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