Fifth full-length album by the cult Czech Death Metal/Grindcore band.
"Crash Test" composed from 13 powerful hard Grind Metal Core turbo songs with attractive rhytms, vocals and guitar sound.This stuff has got some untypical and renewal elements. 
CD contains mutlimedia with videoclips, photo gallery etc…!
Khaaranus Prod., 2006 (KP 018)

1.TearMeInto 02:20
2.Evil Machinegun 02:57
3.Strojovka 02:17
4.Der Gehirnsturm 02:41
5.Vasekino 02:40
6.Si Mesise 01:53
7.FFF Anilo Rak 01:44
8.Lessor 1x, 2x, 3x More 02:58
9.Copy Culture 02:57
10.Total Agyzavar 02:53
11.Final Ensemble 01:59
12.Bajaja 02:15
13.Lion Ferdi 04:02

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