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CRIONICS “Human Error: Ways To Selfdestruction” /CD/

  • CRIONICS “Human Error: Ways To Selfdestruction” /CD/

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    Band: CRIONICS
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Debut full-length album by the cult Polish Black/Death Metal band.
Candlelight USA/Empire Records, 2004 (CANUS0096CD).

1.Satanic Syndrome 666 03:51
2.Waterfalls Of Darkness 03:43
3.Lunatic Gate 05:38
4.Hallowed Whores 04:13
5.Crionics 03:47
6.Episode Of The Falling Star 05:04
7.Matrix Of Piety 04:08
8.Precipice Gaped 04:21
9.Sacrosanct Strenght 03:44
10.Indoctrination Procedure 06:13
Total playing time: 44:42

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