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CALENDAR "Over The Edge" /CD/

  • CALENDAR "Over The Edge" /CD/

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    Band: CALENDAR
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Second album of Moscow pagan-folk band Calendar became very versatile. There are songs in English and Russian. There is a male and female vocals. Folk rock songs interspersed with authentic Russian folk songs. The album is dedicated to the traditional faith of the ancient Slavs.
Perechrestok Records, 2008

1.Северный путь/Northern Way
3.Да ты утушка (народная)/You're Utushka (folk)
4.Bond Between Us
6.Жарница (народная)/Zharnitsa (folk)
8.Сумерки ноября (За грань)/ November’ Twilight (Over The Edge)
9.Вир-вир колодезь (народная)/Vir-vir Well (folk)
10.On The Edge
11.Во поле, поле конюшок (народная)/In The Field, The Field Konyushok (folk)
12.Беллетайн - ночь костров/Beltayn - Night Of Fire
13.Кормчий (Bonus Track)/Helmsman (Bonus Track)
Total playing time: 45:12

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