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AUTUMNIA “Two Faces Of Autumn” /Digipack 2CD/

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    Band: AUTUMNIA
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Re-release of the first two albums, “In Loneliness Of Two Souls” and “By The Candles Obsequial”, in one set by the Ukrainian Melodic Doom/Death Metal band.
Both records are long out of print and very hard to come by, meaning this collection will be warmly received by fans of the bands more widely available third album "O’Funeralia" (2009) – and those fans may be many as all three albums were very well received by fans and critics alike upon their original release.
From the very start of debut album "In Loneliness of Two Souls" it is apparent what subgenre we are dealing with here, as images of early My Dying Bride and Anathema are instantly evoked.
"By The Candles Obsequial" is indeed a progression in the band’s sound, with more variety of elements, especially the addition of occasional female vocals, which, although a bit of a clichéd way for a band of this ilk to diversify, is tried and tested and certainly works. Certainly the keyboards are a cut above those found on the debut, really standing out rather than being a bit of a background/textural element. The general level of both song writing and production also seems improved and really puts "By The Candles Obsequial" up there in the elite category within the genre.
All in all this has to go down as an absolutely essential release for anybody into this kind of Melodic Death/Doom Metal who does not own both albums. Sadly the band have released nothing new since 2009, but perhaps the renewed interest generated by this release will spark something. We certainly hope so!
Solitude Productions/Fono Ltd., 2004/2006/2015 (SP. 098-15 / FOP071CD). Made in Russia. First press.


CD 1:
1. Your Hand 09:05
2. Before Leave for Ever 10:00
3. In Sorrow and Solitude 10:29
4. At Eternal Parting 13:57
5. Pray for Me 10:38
6. Into the Grave... 04:44

CD 2:
1. Increasing the Grief Terrestrial 09:01
2. With Wailing and Lament 06:56
3. Bitterness of Loss 07:19
4. ...and the Life Dies Away... 12:50
5. In Loneliness of Two Souls 09:21

Total playing time: 104:20


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