ASYLIUM “An Architecture of Human Desolation” /Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album of this Swedish Technical Blackened Death Metal band is the future of Death Metal and sure to be a force for the underground.
A must for fans of Behemoth and Dismember.
Necrotic Rec./Sevared Rec./Murder Rec./The Underground Unleashed, 2011 (NEC / SR159)

1.With Tyrants in Chaos 03:43
2.An Eternity of Human Decay 03:50
3.Kingdom Come 02:43
4.Awaken Isolation 04:25
5.Bloodsoiled World 03:04
6.Poems of Cold 04:27
7.Cancelled Creations Reconstructed 02:42
8.God Dethroned 02:20
9.Intellectual Breed 02:10
10.Wraith 03:05
11.Prespawned Holocaust 03:45
Total playing time: 36:14

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