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ASTRAL SLEEP “Astral Doom Musick” /GLP + Board Game/

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The third full-length studio album by Finnish Psychedelic Doom Metal band.
"Astral Doom Musick" is Astral Sleep’s definitive creation. Four massive songs and 44 minutes of Experimental Doom Metal on detailed, organic and powerful audio track. The album is like life itself: beautiful yet horrid, complex and multi-layered, ever-changing and in constant movement.
Their overall sound takes the Psychedelic aspect and mixes it with Death Metal and a lot of melody. Clean vocals are prevalent as well and, while not as strong as the Death growls, they do fit the nature of the music rather well. Every song is here is multi layered with a lot of variety and directions happening.
Gatefold 180g vinyl with ornamental artwork includes board game. The game expands and deepens the concept of the album and takes players to the heart of the story. The "musick" and the game deliver the full album experience, independently or in unity. The compined entity offers an in-depth experience of the album’s mythological world. Game tells the album narrative through a 12-page game book, and lets the players experience the story in an interactive old-school fun way. The game is playable solo, or with multiple players, and requires minimal preparations. It has designed to offer a lot for music lovers and board gamers alike, and withstand the test of time.
“Astral Doom Musick” is a solid slab of Psychedelic Doom Metal that might also appeal to people who want to get into longer songs but are not ready to wade into the waters of Funeral Doom Metal.  As the album displays a wide variety, both traditional Doom and Melodic Death/Doom Metal fans will also want to check this out!
Saarni Records, 2020 (SRN010). Made in Finland. First press.


Side A
1. Vril 11:14
2. Integratron 11:13

Side B
3. Schwerbelastungskörper 09:32
4. Aurinko Ja Kuu 11:14

Total playing time: 43:21 min.


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