The third full-length album by Belgian Heavy Metal band.
Known for their theatrical performances, this is an 80's sounding Heavy/Speed Metal band! Belgium's Witchsmeller Pursuivant takes their name from the BBC series "Black Adder" and has created a killer album of pure old school Heavy Metal. Sounding more like an album released in the 80's than it does a recent release, "Manifest Of Evil" is eight tracks of balls to the wall Metal that just kills from beginning to end. Kind of a hard band to describe, but its close if to call it a Speed Metal version of Mercyful Fate, but an even closer sound would be Martyr ("For The Universe"), with good hooks and choruses.
This is Metal without the frills and trends that have ruined so much in the Metal world. Luciver's vocals are strong and are perfectly suited to fit in with the riffs being played by the guitar duo of Paul Evrard and Johan Kall. Providing a strong backdrop for their solos are Geezer Mike on bass and Luc Geenen on drums. Instead of being placed in the background, the bass and drums on this album are mixed at the perfect level and are every bit as outstanding as the rest of the band. Listening to "Manifest Of Evil" is like stepping back in time. This is another good release from Shiver Records and it's recommend out!!
Shiver Records, 2008 (SHR 506). Made in Belgium. Pressed in Czech.

1. In The Sweat Of Thy Face 
2. Heavy As Fuck 
3. Evil People 
4. Feel/Know/Fear 
5. Machine Made Mary 
6. Disciple Of Death 
7. One Hundred Percent Scar Tissue 
8. The Deadly Shape Of Clouds

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