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VENDETTA “Go And Live … Stay And Die” /CD/

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First re-release of the debut full-length studio album by legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Once a part of the legendary label Noise Records, hail the Bavarian maniacal Metallers of Vendetta! Forged in the early 80s and gained their status in the late 80s, they became quite a force in their scene and in Europe, even without making it to the first league. The band’s first two albums of the band have been considered as pure Thrash Metal classics.
The concoction of American oriented Thrash Metal, a nasty wave of Punk, an explosive taste of aggressive Speed, cohered with early Kreator, and textured musical complexity, ended up as a thing of beauty. The songwriting didn’t bring to the table the high-flying choruses of the 80s, which also could be noticed on some major hits of the bigger Thrash bands, yet Vendetta’s utter decisiveness and technical merits escalated the basic forms of the genre and overthrew the marketable elements.
Vendetta, along with others that cross paths in the 80s, proved that Thrash Metal is far more intelligent that what it really showed. It is not merely music for the pit, but also something that will rattle your head. This is a highly recommended Thrash Metal classic! Don’t miss it as it is still relevant even nowadays!!
Re-mastered re-release features live bonus track.
Metal Axe Records, 1987/1988/2007 (MA 013). Made in Germany.

1. Suicidal Lunacy 6:46
2. Go And Live ... Stay And Die 6:10
3. Traitor's Fate 6:11
4. System Of Death 8:03
5. Drugs And Corruption 1:16
6. Revolution Command 5:26
7. On The Road 3:49
8. And The Brave Man Fails 4:07
9. Brain Damage (Live) 4:00
Total playing time: 45:50 min.

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