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SYMBOLIC “Portraits Of Chaos” /CD/

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  • SYMBOLIC “Portraits Of Chaos” /CD/
  • SYMBOLIC “Portraits Of Chaos” /CD/
  • SYMBOLIC “Portraits Of Chaos” /CD/

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    Band: SYMBOLIC
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Second full-length album by the Salvadorean Power/Thrash Metal band.
Symbolic from El Salvador launching "Portraits of Chaos" are a fine example of what is real gems of Underground.
The last full-length work by these Salvadorans up until today is clear, precise, modern and unconventional in an area in which nobody happens to come up with anything that’s strictly not within the so called Extreme genres, and of course according to most fuckos playing around here, when it comes to Extreme music, the more badass, the better. But the fuct that this release makes it rather refreshing.
These guys play in two teams at the same time: first, the main themes and riffs in almost all songs are based on rapidly picked rhythmic figures inherent in easy to listen Thrash Metal. On the other hand and at the same time, melodies resembling 90s Heavy and Power Metal guitar melodies are also integrated. Take “Shout of Freedom” for instance; it takes off with a furious guitar picking, only to slowly derive into hyper melodic and almost sweet chorus. Make no mistake, everything is well brought together. The guitar solo in this song is a full surrender to melodic metal and it displays a few virtuosity flashes. As it’s almost mandatory for number 2 tracks, the aforementioned song conveys clearly and elegantly the whole concept behind this record.
"Portraits Of Chaos" justifies itself, you don’t need to have a huge name supporting a release for it to have some value. The music is well composed and performed. The final product has been flawlessly made and it sounds great. El Salvador has now an export band in all sense, and for those who can appreciate Melodic Metal as an expression having much to offer, it’s time to restart building up your personal collection as this beast is loudly claiming its place in it!!
Concreto Records, 2012 (CDCR47). Made in Mexico. First press.

1. The Eternal 01:16
2. Shout of Freedom 04:54
3. Massive Destruction 04:07
4. Scars of War 04:43
5. Souls in Damnation 06:15
6. Gallows Pole 05:33
7. Decreased Humanity 04:09
8. Shadows of Temptation 05:31
9. Corrosive 08:03
Total playing time: 44:34

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