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SKANNERS “Factory Of Steel” /Ltd. LP/

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    Band: SKANNERS
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The sixth full-length studio album by Italian Heavy Metal band.
With all of their mighty and long history since their formation in 1982, Skanners didn't stand with the big boys. Although these guys have a sense to create memorable songs on all of their albums, including "Factory Of Steel", they use the same formula as everyone else did back in the 80s and even today. Catchy tunes is the name of the game and in the case of Skanners, they implement catchiness everywhere on the album. "Factory OF Steel", on its whole, is a wonderful release with memorable songs. Nevertheless, the reason it can’t get higher than the grade given, is because as each track fades, the general idea is the same. It is like Skanners didn't even try to step out of the shell a bit and create something that might eventually be different from what they had done throughout their long career.
Skanners advantage is their experience that led them to remain classic even nowadays where heaviness is a very important to create powerful music. Their way to create memorable tunes is top notch as they follow the strict line of the 80s. Nevertheless, they will have to put some extra flavor into their future songs.
Whoever appreciates 80s German Heavy Metal, like Accept, old Helloween, Primal Fear and Sinner, will get a kick out of Skanners' Metal way!
Limited Edition to 500 copies Black vinyl.
Bologna Rock City Records, 2011 ‎(BRCLP0004). Made in Italy. First press.


Side A
1. Never Give Up 4:19
2. Iron Man 4:23
3. Factory Of Steel 5:11
4. Hard And Pure 5:02
5. Thunder In My Hand 3:00
6. Story Of Sound 4:11

Side B
1. We Rock The Nation 3:48
2. Lord Of Lies 4:10
3. When I Look In Your Eyes 5:05
4. To Survive 2:20
5. Rock To You (Bonus Track)

Total playing time: 41:29 min.

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