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SKANNERS “The Serial Healer” /CD/

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    Band: SKANNERS
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The fifth full-length studio album by Italian Heavy Metal band.
"The Serial Healer" is without a doubt for fans of old school Metal acts such as Judas Priest, Accept and Grave Digger, who will appreciate the continued dedication this band of northern Italian bards has for the genre.
With a long history in the Metal scene, "The Serial Healer" being band's fifth release in twenty-two years, it is not surprising that the Skanners have been able to hone their skills and craft solid Metal soundscapes. Band are led by two original members, guitarist Fabio Tenca and vocalist Claudio Pisoni. Claudio is graced with a voice that can only be compared to Metal God, Rob Halford. Like Rob, Claudio is able to grab a song with his voice and carry it to another level. Fabio’s guitar work is solid and extremely well performed throughout the album. Also, rounding out the foray are returning members, guitarist Walther Unterhauser and bassist Renato Olivairi, as well as newer drummer Kranauer Christian.
It does not get much better than the first five tracks of "The Serial Healer". From the heavy opening riff of "Soul Finder" through the gallop of "Iron Horse" it show that these guys have an undeniable passion for great hook laden traditional Metal. They keep things at a more controlled pace with "The Dream", bring to mind some slower Priest moments, before returning to their familiar onslaught with "Flash Razor" and "Beyond Darkness". "The Serial Healer" wraps up with the acoustic driven "Immortality".
It always surprises when a band of this talent seems to get overlooked by the Metal community. Claudio is an amazing vocalist and should be mentioned alongside the great vocalists of this form of Metal. If you get in the mood for some older styled Metal do yourself a favor and check out Skanners, even though they are not breaking new ground they are without a doubt building upon the solid foundation poured by the forefathers of Metal!!
Enhanced CD features bonus video "The Serial Healer Report".
My Graveyard Productions, 2008 (MGP-020). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Soul Finder 4:50 
2. Welcome To Hell 4:15 
3. To Die Is Not Forever 4:32 
4. The 17th Victim 3:49 
5. Iron Horse 4:05 
6. The Serial Healer 5:28 
7. The Dream 5:11 
8. Flash Razor 3:40 
9. Beyond Darkness 3:51 
10. Immortality 3:03
Total playing time: 42:44 min.

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