RAXA “Oxlahun Ti Ku” /CD/

Re-release of second album by Ethno Dark Metal/Ambient one-man band from Russia.
The music on “Oxlahun Ti Ku” is filled with atmosphere and primordial tribe-chaos. It can best be described as mid-tempo doom with elements of black metal and ethno sounds. Those ten tracks can be seen as the celebration and ceremonies of Aztec people and its language. All lyrics are written in this ancient language, with all songs being somehow dark and sacrificial. The sound is raw as it portraits the pagan nature, but performed with some power, energy and speed as well as the overall dominant beautiful melodies. The vocals are deep and guttural, sounding very ‘metal’.
Recommended esp. for the people who are looking for something new, something innovative and original, but also the fans of the whole Viking metal as well as the likes of Nile, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and so, will find this cd interesting.
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2007 (SCP 037)

1.Ni Cah Raxa (I Am Raxa) 02:06
2.Oxlahun Ti Ku (Underground Supreme War) 03:06
3.Tzonimolco (Hall of Fame) 04:42
4.Mimixcoa Icuic (Mixcoatl) 03:44
5.Citialin calpolli (Star Tribe) 06:17
6.Xippe Totec (Nightgod) 03:32
7.Tlaloc 06:05
8.Iamat 03:13
9.Ma Xipatinemi (Farewell) 05:30
10.Nahua Cochi (Fadu) 02:16
Total playing time: 40:31

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