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POSITHRONE "Necropoles" /CD/

  • POSITHRONE "Necropoles" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Cyber Gothic Dark Metal band from Austria.
Band combines elements of Symphonic Metal, Doom, Technical Black Metal, classical music and even Sleaze-Rock to a unique dark and space hybridization. This album is an unusual amalgamation of Gothic, Electronic, Trance and Metal. Because of this combination of so many seemingly incompatible styles, the first listen can be a bit off-putting. On further listen, however, the music reveals itself to be both atmospheric and complex. Instrumentally, the keys and guitars struggle for supremacy here, with neither ever really coming out on top. Their uneasy stalemate creates an enrapturing ebb and flow. Sometimes powerful and somber, sometimes subdued and trancelike, and yet other times light and happy, the music journeys across a wide spectrum of moods and sounds, and reaches a climax on the next track.
If you would like to listen to something unique and original, go ahead and buy this album now! Fans of The Kovenant, Poisonblack, Septic Flesh, Tiamat and any Gothic Metal outfit will love it!!
Sleaszy Rider Records, 2009 (SR-0097). Made in Greece.

1. Intro (La Follia Infernale Pt. I) 01:24
2. We Are the Way 04:30
3. Cybernetic Unions 05:22
4. White Sun 04:12
5. Prodigal Soul 06:44
6. Gen-Errator 03:48
7. Alpha Galaxia 05:54
8. The Winter (Intermezzo) 00:39
9. Necropolitan Day 06:59
10. Outro (La Follia Infernale Pt. II) 00:29
Total playing time: 40:01

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