PARRICIDE / PATOLOGICUM / DEFORMED "Cut Your Head Before They Do" /3-way Split CD/

Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 3-way split.
Enhanced CD. Light shabby on the disc surface.
Surgical Diathesis Records, 2009

1.Parricide - Resurrection to Come 02:14
2.Parricide - Like the God 02:39
3.Parricide - Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse Cover) 03:31
4.Parricide - Slavers of Infirmity 03:08
5.Parricide - Step of Evolution 02:26
6.Parricide - Daddy`s Death 01:37
7.Patologicum - Holocaust Business 01:43
8.Patologicum - Famous by Urge 02:30
9.Patologicum - Genital Grinder (Carcass Cover)/SARS Worldwide Sprayer 02:43
10.Patologicum - No Meat, No Eat 01:37
11.Patologicum - Poppy Seed Cake (Dead Infection Cover) 01:17
12.Patologicum - Castration Anxiety 01:44
13.Deformed - Prelude 00:51
14.Deformed - Bullet in My Head 00:24
15.Deformed - Blood 02:30
16.Deformed - Everything Is a Fun Torture 01:54
17.Deformed - Sterilize Zone 02:15
18.Deformed - Six Years 02:17
Total playing time: 37:20

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