NEVALOTH "La Diabolica Commedia" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Slovakian Atmospheric Black Metal band.
A reversed and diabolic twin of Dantes Comedy along with other
blasphemy poems performed in a full-length Atmospheric Black Metal epos,
influenced by the legacy of its Norwegian an ancestors as well as by Doom and Ambient traditions. All this covered at nice mysterious keyboards.
Sonic Temple Records, 2010 (STR 005). Made in Slovakia. First press.

1.Apollyon 01:21
2.Blasphemous Metal 06:24
3.Krvilacnost & Tuzba 04:46
4.Azazel 06:32
5.Liber Legis Luciferis 07:28
6.La Diabolica Commedia 17:03

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