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FOLKEARTH "Drakkars In The Mist" /CD/

  • FOLKEARTH "Drakkars In The Mist" /CD/

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Third full-length album by international Folk Viking Metal superband.
Reunited in almost a completely new line-up again, Folkearth puts out a new album in under a year. 17 tracks of almost 70 minutes were recorded by 30 musicians from 11 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and USA). Less bombastic perhaps but more manly or savagely Viking is the overall approach taken by the multi-national horde. The very first noticeable difference between this album and “By the Sword of My Father” is the clean vocals.
Aside from the new vocals, with Hildr Valkyrie on female vocals and members of Hordak and Pagan Reign, the epicness still remains the same as previous albums. As for the whole album itself, musically it’s still great. There is almost no filler, and the Epic Folk/Viking atmosphere is still there.
Folkearth has done it again, and provided everyone with another Epic Folk/Viking masterpiece!
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2007 (SCP035)

1.Before Battle I Embrace 03:57
2.Hoplites Awaiting Command 03:38
3.Hugin & Munin 04:29
4.Grimnismol (The Ballad of Grimnir) 03:55
5.H?gtid 02:17
6.Sworn to the Raven 04:56
7.Great God Pan 04:21
8.Drakkars in the Mist 04:38
9.Midgard Farewell 04:00
10.De Tause Fjell 03:50
11.If I Should Fall 02:25
12.When Long Ships Arrive 04:21
13.On Wings Divine 04:51
14.Thunders of War 02:56
Bonus tracks:
15.The Bane of Giants 04:30
16.Kingdom of the Shades 03:58
17.The Riding of the Queen Boudiccea 04:35
Total playing time: 01:07:37

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