METALIAN / SANKTUARY / BLACK MOOR “Tundrastruck” /Split CD Single/

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Self-financed 3-way split single release among the three Canadian Thrash Metal bands.
This release becomes a nice entry into the whole Thrash Metal revival concept, as the bands all play a variation of some kind of early Thrash Metal sound, and each presents a unique yet true-to-it's-roots sound for the style.
First up on the split is Metalian from Montreal, contributing "Airborne Assassins". The song has stronger sound and influence from the earliest days of more technical Thrash Metal like Annihilator, but still holding some melodic elements and atmosphere comparable to NWOBHM acts like Judas Priest. It makes for an enjoyable sound, especially thanks to the more raw quality which leaves the songs to come off as if lost in time. The faster pace gives the song a bit of an aggressive sound, though the chorus moves at a much slower pace with stronger clean singing then the rest of the song as well as some backing falsetto's that sound great.
Next is the track "Raise the Flag" by now Nova Scotia-based Sanktuary, and it's another pretty strong track. The production quality here is greatly improved, though still has an eighties feel to it, which is something that is captured by each band, just portrayed differently through clarity. This song sounds more like it takes from bands similar to Megadeth with a NWOBHM atmosphere, though clearly more Thrash oriented. The guitar solo here is pretty enjoyable, and the overall faster pace of the song really makes it feel a little more aggressive, though comes off more as a stylish interpretation of the early eighties Thrash Metal sound.
This leads to a pretty strong closing track with Black Moor's contribution, "Awaken the Dead". The song feels like a mixture of Metallica-styled vocals and some harmonies against a more traditional early Thrash Metal sound. It's an interesting song and there's really nothing bad with it. The production quality does feel a little dirtier then "Raise the Flag" but not by much, still capturing the musical atmosphere and attitude of the sound. The raspy vocals have some good harmonization going on with plenty of energetic moments to them and the music throughout the song that really drive it all home, and a guitar solo that's pretty good here as well.
All the songs are solid and well executed from each band. Basically what you get on this compilation is three enjoyable songs from various ends of the early Thrash spectrum. It's interesting to hear these bands together and how much they vary, especially considering how similarly inspired by the roots of the style they truly are. This collective of old-school Thrash Metal will definitely satisfy those who miss the glory days of the style, and is definitely something well worth checking out!!
Selfreleased, 2011. Made in Canada.

1. Metalian - Airborn Assassins     3:59 
2. Sanktuary  - Raise The Flag     4:26 
3. Black Moor  - Awaken The Dead     5:12
Total playing time: 13:37

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