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THY WORSHIPER “Czarna Dzika Czerwień” /CD/

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The third full-length studio album by Polish/Irish Pagan Metal band.
Exceptional and unique Pagan Metal act. Unique and utterly absorbing. Band meld Folk Black Metal with history and tradition to create a work of art that is alive with the breathing of lost peoples and times.
Featuring 9 new songs and reaching nearly 47 minutes of total length, “Czarna Dzika Czerwień” is a multi-layered hybrid of Pagan Metal, Tribal Folk, Celtic music, Black Metal, but always different from the standard templates.
There is a very ritualistic feeling to these songs, added to considerably by tribal drums, female vocals, driving percussion, unorthodox instruments, etc. Unique and utterly absorbing statement from a band bounded by no rules. The album
A pleasure to listen to. Amazing!!
Pagan Records, 2014 (MOON 094). Made in Poland. First press.

1. Piach 06:18
2. Czarny 05:20
3. Deszcz 06:13
4. Drzewa 02:35
5. Żniwa 05:39
6. Wiatr 05:30
7. Na pohybel 02:37
8. Ogień 07:24
9. Zima 04:42
Total playing time: 46:18


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