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MANITOU “The Mad Moon Rising” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: MANITOU
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by the Finnish Heavy/Progressive Metal band.
These guys almost sound like Prog-Metal masters already, with their first official release. Well, it isn't entirely Progressive. Some parts sound a bit more melodic – in fact, most of the album is filled with melodies.
The riffs are very heavy and Progressive, and of course, they always have a little melodic floating around. Some keyboard effects are added in from time to time to add a little futuristic/sci-fi feel, but they never take over the music whatsoever. This album focuses on Progressive and melodic riffs, and nothing else. Some riffs are also catchy as f**k. Just listen to the intro (or the whole song, whatever) of "Garden of Fallen Kings".
This is great stuff, and no one can ignore it!!
Re-edition features three bonus tracks.
Firebox Records, 2004/2005 (FIRECD024). Made in Finland. Pressed in Germany.

1. The Mad Moon Rising 4:12
2. Drifting Shadow 4:42
3. Garden Of Fallen Kings 4:09
4. Machine Mind 6:21
5. Bind Eye Open 4:35
6. Wish I Could Sleep 4:52
7. The Valley Of Evergreen 5:14
8. Ancestral Territories 5:11
9. Race Of Malice 5:19
Bonus Tracks:
10. Laughing In The Hiding Bush 4:03
11. Brothers Promise 10:21
12. Face The Snake 4:50
Total playing time: 63:49

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€ 5.90