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Excellent classic Heavy Metal in the vein of IRON MAIDEN and QUEENSRYCHE !
Second full-length from this Finnish act, 'Deadlock' sees Manitou moving one step away from their more proggy early material, into a more solid and straightforward traditional metal area. There are still some lunatic prog elements though, and overall 'Deadlock' sees Manitou making one more confident step toward the big leagues. Finland continues to dominate the global metal evolution and Manitou are helping lead the way.
Recommended for fans of Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Ozzy, Tarot, Dio, Judas Priest and Annihilator, Iced Earth and early TNT...
Firebox Records, 2006 (Firecd038)

1.And Silence Bites 03:05
2.Fools in Control 03:29
3.Waste, Damnation 04:49
4.State of Mind 04:27
5.Black Burning Flame 04:11
6.Swallowing the Dark 04:00
7.Psychoracer 03:41
8.Lead a Wild Ride 03:24
9.By the Waves of Stars 03:36
10.Menace of War 02:55
11.Black Meadow 08:50
Total playing time: 46:27

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