LONEWOLF “The Dark Crusade” /CD/

The fourth full-length album by French Speed/Heavy/Power Metal band.
Album hosts with numerous catchy songs, tinted with melodies and also contains a wide range of rhythms. It must be highlighted that the guitar work is simply impressive, also supported by heavy drumming parts in the background, which lead all together to a really dynamic album. Furthermore, great guitar solos are scattered along the whole album. To be convinced, simply have a listen to the songs "Legacy Of The Wild", to the title track "The Dark Crusade" or to "Winter Farewell". The vocal parts are pretty good, too, and the tessitura and the tone of the singer can remind you of the singing of Chris Boltendahl (from Grave Digger). Finally, the purists can be also delighted because the album contains "clichés" and stereotyped elements of the Heavy Power Metal genre such as on the track "The Hail Victory", which kicks off with swords clashing and battle cries in the background, and then followed by a light-hearted chorus which immediately sticks in your head.
Even though "The Dark Crusade" brings nothing really markedly new in the Heavy Power Metal scene, it remains a really solid album. Indeed, the sound is really clear and powerful. Also the songwriting is pretty good and the production reinforces the musicians' work which is far for being bad, too.
"The Dark Crusade" comprises first-class Power Metal anthems including classics such as "Viktoria" and "Warrior Priest". Lonewolf delivers an album full of hits that masterfully combines headbanging qualities with killer appeal! If you are into Heavy/Power Metal, you should really have a listen to this album; you will not be disappointed!! So, no need to argue anymore, put “The Dark Crusade” into your CD player and get your own opinion!!!
Mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque (Hammerfall, Falconer); the cover artwork was drawn by Chris Moyen (Slayer, Trivium).
For fans of: Running Wild, Paragon, Stormwarrior, Grave Digger and Accept!
Karthago Records, 2009 (CD 784-1836 / KR048). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Dragons of the Night     01:16 
2. Viktoria     05:11
3. Legacy of the Wild     05:24
4. The Dark Crusade     04:15 
5. Hail Victory     07:15
6. Warrior Priest     03:53
7. The Wolf Division     03:59
8. Heathen Horde     05:47
9. Words of the Witch     05:12
10. Winter Farewell     03:53
11. The Hour Zero     10:55
Total playing time: 57:00

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