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KROWNN “Hyborian Age” /CD/

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    Band: KROWNN
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Debut full-length album by Italian Doom Metal band.
Krown are the new Italian gods of slow, heavy old school classical Doom Metal. This excellent power trio created a wonderful, heavy and catchy slab of premium Doom for everybody into bands such as Black Sabbath, Trouble, Electric Wizard or even Type O Negative and Kyuss!
With lyrics based on the writings of famous fantasy authors such as Howard, Tolkien, Moorcock, & Martin, and cool cover art to boot, much of what you get here on their latest is quite simply crushing dark fantasy themed Doom.
"Hyborian Age" is a serious, crushing Doom album from this very 'un-Italian' sounding band. The whole 'dark fantasy' themes add even more intrigue to what is a very old school styled Doom album. One thing is for sure - this band is totally addictive.
If you like Doom Metal and old school Heavy Metal - you must check this amazing band out then! Wonderful music deserves to be heard!!
PRC Music, 2013 (PRC17). Made in Canada. First press.

1. For the Throne of Fire     06:12
2. The Woodwose     05:52
3. At the Cromlech     05:10 
4. Gods of Magnitogorsk     06:50 
5. Stormborn     07:38
6. The Melnibonean     06:11
Total playing time: 37:53


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