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KAIRA “Roots Of Veles” /CD/

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  • KAIRA “Roots Of Veles” /CD/
  • KAIRA “Roots Of Veles” /CD/
  • KAIRA “Roots Of Veles” /CD/
  • KAIRA “Roots Of Veles” /CD/

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    Band: KAIRA
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The eighth full-length studio album by Belarusian Symphonic Pagan Groove Metal band.
Female fronted band Kaira was founded by Pavel Drozdov and Kaira back in 1999 and since 2006 they started a steady activity in releasing a new album almost every other year. For the first three years, Kaira and Pavel worked only with session musicians, both in studio and at concerts, releasing albums only in Russian. Three albums were released in Symphonic Power Metal style. With a new lineup, in 2009 the style of music and its sound radically changed. The following album, "Child Of Fire", sounded like Industrial Symphonic Metal. In 2012, the band’s style started to sound more extreme and enriched the lineup with the second vocalist. The band began Groove/Metalcore style with their next album, "Not For Angels".
With the "Roots Of Veles" album, we find Kaira in a new, Symphonic Groove Pagan Metal style. Ancient Old Slavonic sagas, embodied in a Heavy Groove Pagan Metal style pushed forward a new sound for Kaira. Thanks to the added aggression of the Groove Metal, their classic Pagan Metal has garnered new forms with bright, vivid images and a powerful heavy sound. The pearl of the album is the title track, song "Roots of Veles". It’s charged with a powerful energy and brings a fresh perspective to the band.
Getting to the music on it, Keira presents us 8 new tracks in 40 minutes playing time, a mix of Symphonic and Groovy Modern Metal complete with catchy and inventive guitar riffs, epic keyboards, Industrial/Electro effects, a powerful rhythm section and a very capable and versatile female vocalist that leads the band not only through her sex-appeal but also through a dominant atitude that captures the listener's attention and keeps it on a leash the whole time. In simply words, "Roots Of Veles" is a mix of Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Symphonic and even Goth Metal, and even a hint of Power Metal here and there, a modern release capable of pushing the band towards higher peaks in this scene! And they deserve it after almost two decades of playing music!!
Sliptrick Records, 2015 (SLP.015.0132). Made in USA. Pressed in Italy. First press. Please note: though the CD is new and has never been played, there are inlay bends that happened during transit.

1. Roots of Veles 6:04 
2. Cry of Pagan Gods 4:28 
3. The Ingling Saga 4:15 
4. Revolution 4:44 
5. Lost Past 5:01 
6. Bleeding Spirit 4:27 
7. Sin Price 4:29 
8. No More 5:37
Total playing time: 39:07 min.

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