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THE DAMNATION "Into The Pits Of Hell" /CD/

  • THE DAMNATION "Into The Pits Of Hell" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the German Death/Thrash Metal band.
An unmistakeable mixture of Thrash and Death Metal. There is an overweight of Thrash influences but the Death Metal gets a fair piece of the action as well. As in the heavy, double bass thundering passage with some really nice Death Metal riffs that occurs every now and then. The sound quality is good and also pretty loud, giving us forty minutes of Metal with an impact! people who like a mix of Thrash and Death Metal should take notice of this band!!
Self-released, 2006 (TD 001)

1.Step Aside 02:53
2.Torn To Pieces 03:03
3.Dawn Of The Dead 03:17
4.The Knife 03:16
5.Past 03:28
6.Into The Pits Of Hell 03:30
7.Hatemachine 02:07
8.Pazuzu 02:44
9.Altered Soul 03:23
10.Evil Supremacy 03:55
11.Rise 03:45

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