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The fifth and the final full-length album by the cult German Heavy/Power Metal band.
Not as much power metal anymore, but you still can't make the mistake of taking them for anything else than Germans, and there is still speed and catchy parts to go around, not just as much as earlier - not nearly as much. They have a good grasp of Heavy Metal song structures, an ability to write decent, sometimes catchy, riffs and somewhat anthemic and catchy choruses. And this time the album is produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth and Miro.
The songs are well written and have plenty of hook. "Breakin' Loose" in particular seems like it could have been a hit on Rock radio. The song has a similar hooky quality that Helloween's "I Want Out" or "Dr. Stein" had. At the same time, "Menergy" is a slightly darker release overall than any of Heavens Gate's past catalog. Apparently "Menergy" is a concept album of sorts. Between each song there is a short intro, most of which are under thirty seconds long. All the short intros are called "Teleshoot" and are apparently part of the story line. Frankly the songs are just enjoyable without knowledge of the storyline.
A solid album that holds a really high quality on through the album, even though there aren't any obvious highlights. Heaven's Gate show a new side of themselves with "Menergy" while still holding on to the sound they have earlier created.
Unfortunately "Menergy" would be Heavens Gate's last album.
Steamhammer/SPV, 1999 (SPV 085-18692). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Teleshoot 0:49
2. Worldmachine 3:40
3. Teleshoot 0:12
4. Mastermind 3:59
5. Teleshoot 0:21
6. Menergy 4:17
7. Teleshoot 0:32
8. Enter: Eternity 3:57
9. Teleshoot 0:33
10. Breakin' Loose 5:00
11. Teleshoot 0:06
12. Dreamland 4:41
13. Teleshoot 0:19
14. Looking Back 3:45
15. Teleshoot 0:24
16. Evolution 3:34
17. Teleshoot 0:24
18. On My Knees 3:40
19. Teleshoot 0:07
20. Dreamer - Believer 3:11
21. Teleshoot 0:31
22. Glass People 3:33
23. Teleshoot 4:25
Total playing time: 52:00

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