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KAOSKULT “Secret Serpent” /CD/

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    Band: KAOSKULT
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Debut full-length album by the Polish Black Metal band.
Seven hymns dedicated to Chaos Magick. Destructive Dark Metal. The band consists of former members of such Polish bands as: Taran, Supreme Lord and In The Depth Of Night. From the very first notes onwards, it is clear that these three men mean business. The first track “Invocation/Manifest” has an unusual almost Techno tempo to it, mixed with heavily distorted guitars and a stereotypical Black Metal type of vocal style. The entire album verges on being chaotic and discordant, but still somehow manages to maintain some semblance of cohesion throughout. The third track, “The New Aeon”, with its darker flowing melodies reminiscent of a less accessible version of Satyricon circa their “The Age of Nero” album.
Being the veterans of various other bands, Kaoskult clearly know what they are doing and incorporate a myriad of twists and turns into their music. At first listen, these appear random, disjointed, and haphazard, but upon reflection, each section does meld into the others. The golden standard adhered to throughout the album is variation, with each track being vastly different to the next. The almost disjointed sound seems to come and go in waves, with the beginning of the album being heavily laden with twists; this dies down considerably before being returned to in the middle of the album before again simmering down. The sound quality is also very good, with each instrument being clearly audible and each complimenting the other in terms of volume. Technically speaking, the music is well written, but does lack some of the raw emotions typically found in this form of Black Metal.
All in all, this is definitely one of the slightly more experimental Black Metal bands out there, not entirely dissimilar to other bands such as Abigor. If chaotic yet coherent is something that appeals to you, then giving them a listen!
Odium Records, 2014 (ART CD 012). Made in Poland. First press.

1. Invocation – Manifest 04:34
2. Eternal Threat 06:10
3. The New Aeon 05:46
4. The Virus Of Discord 04:20
5. Secret Serpent 06:43
6. (Primal) Chaos 05:42
7. Words Of Power 06:25
Total playing time: 39:40


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