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ARTILLERY “Penalty By Perception” /CD/

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The eighth full-length studio album by legendary Danish Thrash Metal band.
Artillery have outdone themselves on "Penalty By Perception". Their eighth full-length is an absolute joy from start to finish, and it sounds fantastic!
It’s been roughly 30 years since Danish Thrash Metal progenitors Artillery released albums like "Fear Of Tomorrow" and "Terror Squad" to critical acclaim, touring with bands like Slayer and King Diamond. After enduring as many line-ups as they had labels, as well as long periods of dormancy as if the band were some Scandinavian volcano, brothers and founding members, guitarists Michael and Morten Stützer, say they are stoked for not only Artillery’s latest 11 songs, but also for making music, touring, and sharing the excitement with their fans. Now, fronted by singer Michael Bastholm Dahl, powered by the rhythm section battery of bassist Peter Thorslund and drummer Josua Madsen, the brothers say they think they’re at the top of their technical, melodic, brutal Metal game.
"Penalty By Perception" is a fantastic album, and it’s done this simply by being what it is: eleven terrific songs, one after the other. This is an album, that will appeal to hardcore and casual Thrashers alike, but even non-Metalheads will find something to enjoy. The songs are terrific, the production is top-notch, and while they won’t win any points for originality, the sheer enthusiasm is obvious even on the first listen. Thrash Metal has a tendency to get a bit one-dimensional sometimes, and while all of these songs are unmistakably the product of the same band, they still squeeze in a surprising amount of variety. If you count yourself as a true Thrash connoisseur, this one is a must-have!
Metal Blade Records GmbH, 2016 (3984-15436-2). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. In Defiance Of Conformity 5:44
2. Live By The Scythe 5:03
3. Penalty By Perception 5:05
4. Mercy Of Ignorance 3:52
5. Rites Of War 4:13
6. Sin Of Innocence 5:19
7. When The Magic Is Gone 4:32
8. Cosmic Brain 4:32
9. Deity Machine 4:54
10. Path Of The Atheist 4:46
11. Welcome To The Mindfactory 4:55
Total playing time: 52:55 min.


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