Second full-length album by the Italian Neoclassical Progressive Metal/Shred guitarist-virtuoso.
The style of the album ranges from my favorite Neo-classical songs to Eastern-influenced tracks, mid-tempo pompous compositions and quite sentimental moments, so there’s plenty of variety for the listener to choose which songs fits his taste best. Giuseppe is totally enjoyable when he performs the songs: he uses catchy phrases which never produce a dull moment and this is the great advantage of his second effort!
Secret Port Records, 2008 (SPR 0020). Pressed in Germany.

1. Inferno 04:07
2. Gates Of Passion 04:41
3. Black Venus 04:23
4. La Rosa Del Deserto 03:23
5. Garden Of Memories 04:28
6. Coral Castle 05:28
7. Portrait Of Isabel 02:56
8. Eternity 06:22
9. Redemption 07:03
10. Stregata 01:16
11. Les Fleurs Du Mal 03:25
12. La Ballerina Rusa 03:53
13. Daisy 03:50
Total playing time: 55:15

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