FISTFUCK "Felicitation Pour Votre Beau Programme" /MCD/

Second full-length album by Canadian Grindcore band.
Excellent Old School Grindcore with former Dahmer and Mesrine members!
Obskure Sombre, 2010 (OBSK-666-013)

1.7% Grind 01:48
2.Crossed Out 01:55
3.Mis?re Avec La Fin 02:40
4.Ccrocko I 01:33
5.Pan Pan Pan Pan 01:04
6.La Toune Du Vid?o 01:30
7.Disrupt 02:28
8.La P?p?re 02:02
9.Brutal Truite 01:35
10.Dean I 02:46
11.La Speed 03:02
12.Haitus II 02:16
Total playing time: 24:39

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