EXTINCTIONIST “Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions” /CD/

The second full-length album by German Brutal Death Metal band.
This quartet play a technically challenging Brutal style of Guttural Death Metal that’s sure to blow your brains out and then some. The razor sharp riffs and rhythms are crafted so well; they feel like blunt pieces of steel piercing right through your flesh. The drumming is so tight and explosive; it feels like you’ve stepped over a landmine with every blast beat. As brutal and oppressive as they can, sometimes fast and other ones slower, but with a very good technique, they are really good in what they chose to play. The vocals are indeed guttural (some piggish screams appears from time to time), excellent guitars (even with some melodic interventions), very good bass and drums works (them both are the true powerhouse of the band), and all these elements bound together creates a strong and powerful music.
The sound quality, as a demand for the style, is extremely clear, but giving the band’s work weight and an oppressive insight, turning the listening a good one, but take care of your ears!
Extinctionist has not only kept their music interesting and thought captivating but their lyrics too, are unique in that they talk about alien life forms taking over the planet Earth. With sound bytes of monster-like robots engaged in conversations, and earthlings being slaughtered by these outwardly creatures, the listener is truly transported to a Sci-Fi nightmare.
This is a good and honest band, with potential to reach great things. Extinctionist just doesn’t play Death Metal; they live it, eat it, breathe it and die it, on “Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions”! Eleven attacks of pure blasting brutality await your ears!!
For fans of: Condemned, Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Defeated Sanity!!!
Rising Nemesis Records, 2014 (RNR 024). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Transmission 02:02 
2. Unexpected Return 02:53 
3. Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions 02:48 
4. Devoured by the Atmosphere 01:58 
5. Painful Excesses of Doom 02:36 
6. Selection 01:15 
7. New Breed 02:24 
8. Morpholus' Heritage 03:48 
9. Dehumanized 02:31 
10. Dead Human Era 03:17 
11. Interstellar Collapse 06:54
Total playing time: 32:26

Samples: https://risingnemesisrecords.bandcamp.com

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