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EVILENKO “Human (disg)Race” /CD/

  • EVILENKO “Human (disg)Race” /CD/

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    Band: EVILENKO
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The Debut full-length album by the Belgian Thrash/Death Metal band.
Band name refers to the well-known drama-thriller film "Evilenko" that dedicated to famous Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo.
Evilenko's debut album is a hybrid of grunting Death Metal and rhythmic Thrash Metal. While it doesn't do anything to re-invent the wheel or put Death-Thrash is new territory, the band does have a few tricks up its sleeve from being just another Legion Of The Damned clone. After a fast, upbeat churning introduction, the usual catchy chugs and grunts ensue with "My Own God". However, the real glory lies within the solo work as it has almost a completely different sound from what one would expect from typical Thrash Metal. Wavering, slow, and almost Doom Metal influenced, it will certainly draw fan attention and appreciation for stepping outside boundaries. Other tracks like "Leave You Behind" are a bit more Death Metal influenced with more of a standard chug and growl pace without so much the fast solos to mix up the song, but they still hold solid ground.
Here and there Evilenko will toss in a few politically charged spoken word samples, but they are so brief such as on "My Way" they don't really hold as much effect as one would have hoped, but still contribute to the overall message of "(disg)Race". "Fight For Justice" has one of the better lyrical deliveries and even throws in a few Hardcore elements with the backing 'gang chorus' that chimes in every once in a while, but to great effect. The closing "Bleeding" seems a bit rawer than its compatriots, making it seem like more of a demo track, but it still features some of the excellent guitar solo work that was heard on "My Own God".
Overall, the collection of tracks definitely makes a social statement that most Thrash Metal listeners will definitely look into with some curiousity. That's what the guitar solos are for! Good album!!
Shiver Records, 2012 (SHR523). Made in Belgium. Pressed in Netherlands. First press.

1. Intro     01:41
2. My Own God     02:51
3. Leave You Behind     03:18
4. Suicide Note     03:36
5. Solution to War     04:00
6. Surrender     03:47 
7. My Way     03:29 
8. No One to Blame     02:39 
9. Fight for Justice     03:08
10. Cry for Freedom     03:03
11. Bleeding      05:16
Total playing time: 36:48

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