NIGHTFEAR “Inception” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Spanish Power/Heavy Metal band.
This new Spanish band makes an excellent mixture of Heavy and Power Metal with a bit of Thrash Metal. Back then, the band played Hard Rock and Heavy Metal classics en were inspired by bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween and Gamma Ray. These influences from Hard Rock as well as the Heavy and Power Metal we hear on the album, with some Thrash added, make that Nightfear have an own sound by giving a spin to these old genres. The result is full of energy. Just listen to the fast "Gates Of Fire", the maybe even faster "Pride" or the powerful "Storm Watcher".
If you know that Nightfears drummer is also in Avulsed last year, you might get a hint of were these high speeds come from. But also the riffs, the bass and the vocals fit in perfectly. All this make "Inception" a really recommended record!
Selfreleased, 2012 (XMM 1211002 CD). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Inception (Intro)     02:58
2. A New Beginning     05:23 
3. Storm Watcher     05:44 
4. Immortal     04:54 
5. Gates of Fire     04:46 
6. Steel Warrior     03:34 
7. Nightmare     06:12
8. Pride     06:26
Bonus Tracks:
9. Neverending Lie    05:18
10. The Best Night     04:02
Total playing time: 49:17

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