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ACCU§ER / ACCUSER “Accuser” /Ltd. LP + Poster/

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    Band: ACCU§ER
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The twelfth full-length studio album by legendary German Groove/Thrash Metal band.
German quartet Accu§er created something great on “Accuser”. It’s a massive and brutal form of Technical Thrash Metal that isn’t usual for traditional German Thrash names, because they carry a lot of modern Thrash Metal influences, including the use of bitter (but hooking) melodies under the massive aggressiveness of their music. It’s similar to what Suicidal Angels do: a massive and Old School Thrash Metal form, but with a modern outfit that makes things better and different from the clones that infest Thrash Metal scene since the end of the 90’s (in the greater part, those who want to emulate what was already done).
The production of the album done to increase both aggressive and technical aspects of their musical work, but in a clean and defined way that allows the listeners to understand what is being played. And, all without trying to be old fashioned or to clone what many bands already did.
The fast and full of energy “Misled Obedience”, the good abrasive tempos of “Phantom Graves”, the catchy and rich instrumental arrangements of “Lux in Tenebris”, the contrasts between Thrash Metal parts, with melodic introspective moments of “Be None the Wiser”, the hammering weighty energy of “Rethink” and “The Eliminator”, and the mass killing heavy crush of “A Cycle’s End” are their finest musical assaults on the album.
It’s impressive, personal and full of energy, so buy “Accuser” and be prepared to tell how Accu§er will melt your ears and skulls!
180g Black Vinyl includes download card and poster.
Metal Blade Records Inc., 2020 (3984-15738-1). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
1. Misled Obedience 03:11
2. Phantom Graves 03:59
3. Temple of All 04:28
4. Lux in Tenebris 04:57
5. Be None the Wiser 04:07
6. Rethink 03:41

Side B
7. Psychocision 06:16
8. Contamination 03:20
9. The Eliminator (Agnostic Front cover) 03:23
10. Seven Lives 03:52
11. A Cycle's End 04:14
Hidden Track: Urgent (Foreigner cover) 04:07

Total playing time: 49:37 min.


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