ENSIFERUM "From Afar" /CD/

The 4th full-length album by Finnish Folk Viking Metal band.
Ensiferum returns triumphantly with their “From Afar”. The album features 9 crushing new metal anthems that find Ensiferum faster and heavier with elaborate orchestrations playing a more prominent role in their signature "Viking metal" sound. With battle axes and swords in hand, “From Afar” is Ensiferum's strongest release to date.
Spinefarm Records/Fono Records, 2009 (FO791CD)

1.By the Dividing Stream 03:50
2.From Afar 04:51
3.Twilight Tavern 05:38
4.Heathen Throne 11:09
5.Elusive Reaches 03:26
6.Stone Cold Metal 07:25
7.Smoking Ruins 06:40
8.Tumman Virran Taa 00:52
9.The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II) 12:49
Total playing time: 56:40

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