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WINTERHORDE “Underwatermoon” /CD/

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First European re-release of the second full-length album by Israeli Melodic Progressive Epic Black Metal band.
Blending Progressive Metal and more traditional Metal styles into melodic orchestrated Black Metal with a dynamic vocal approach!
Beautiful layered Progressive influences, clean vocals and melodic structures reminiscent of the band’s preeminent landsmen Orphaned Land (specifically in the acoustic part and guitar solo from “Wreckages Ghost”, for example), intertwine nicely into blast beat driven Black Metal in the vein of classic Emperor, and with a melodic sense more akin to Insomnium than to many of the traditional orchestral Black Metal bands. This of course means that these guys are not playing traditional Black Metal. 
Tracks like “Hunting the Human” have great, but more simplistic, orchestrations which give the record a unique feel, while still having very cool Death Metal feeling riffs and addictive melodies and smoother parts. The track that follows (“Execution”) has some amazing bass vocals and an addictive Spanish guitar interlude, while still maintaining a militaristic rhythm similar to the kind of thing you hear on old Dimmu Borgir records. And yet somehow, like many of the best bands that are coming out these days, all of these disparate parts come together to form a cohesive whole that rules.
The novelty and frankly writing talent, that this band exhibits on "Underwatermoon", is stellar, and this leads to be one of the most unique and entertaining records of 2010 so far! Don’t let this one fly under your radar if you dig bands like Orphaned Land, Enslaved, Istapp, Gloria Morti, Emperor or Opeth; you will certainly regret it if you do!!
The album contains an acoustic hidden track.
Metal Age Productions, 2010/2015 (MAP 107). Made in Slovakia.

1. The Shell 01:45 
2. Wreckages Ghost 05:02 
3. Underwatermoon 06:28 
4. Hunting the Human 05:32 
5. Execution 04:37 
6. And Flames Wept to Heaven 02:12 
7. The Curse of Gypsy 09:27 
8. Delirium 05:59 
9. Tenth Wave 08:04 
10. Smoke Figures 02:02 
11. The Martyr and Deliverance 06:19 
12. Farewell 05:50
Total playing time: 63:17


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