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NETHERTALE “Abyssal Throne” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Spanish Technical Melodic Death Metal band.
"Abyssal Throne" definitely delivers much of what is expected of a Death Metal album – with a few delightful twists.
Clearly drawing influence from many of the various sub-genres and offshoots of Death Metal, this record has something for anyone who has a warm place for that brutal sonic violence in their hearts. The guitar parts have the heavy sound of Modern Metal, while varying between the super palm-muted parts of the more brutal areas of the genre, to intricate lick-like riffs, to more melodic chord progressions – very well done. Add to that extremely well crafted solos and leads throughout (don't forget to carry the technical mastery), and you'll love their merciless guitar section.
Vocals vary as well throughout – covering most of the growls-scream spectrum – again, Melo-Death meets Brutal meets Old-school. The variation in pitch and style relieves a lot of the monotony inherent in a vocal style practically void of melody. Here's a great idea that keeps the listener on their toes is symphonic arrangements that only come for a very short time, once in a while; very nice and very interesting sonically.
An absolutely essential album, a conceptual work of majestic, Melodic, Modern, Technical Death Metal, which is accompanied by a soon to be released novel written by its own vocalist.
All in all, a very well made record, especially for a first release!
Suspiria Records, 2014 (SPR014). Pressed in Spain.

1. Last of Us 04:26
2. Black Arts Creation 04:47
3. The Kraken 04:25
4. Bleeding Sails 04:22
5. Calafate 03:47
6. Lernaia Dra 06:56
7. Ad Inferos 03:55
8. Crown of the Seven Pt.I: The Man 03:24
9. Tides of Death 04:54
10. Crown of the Seven Pt.II: The Beast 03:24
11. Bake-Kujira 04:15
12. Retribution 04:47
13. Nebula Funebris 03:06
14. Old Man's Tale 03:47
Total playing time: 60:41 min.


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