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The fourth full-length album by Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band.
Empty Tremor has been on the Italian Progressive music scene for better than 17 years. Yet, since that time they have only released four albums. Until "Iridium", their most recent one was 2004's "The Alien Inside". Not highly unusual, but that is a long time between efforts. Much too long in the case of "Iridium", a world class work of entertaining melodic Progressive Rock.
Without question, beyond their intelligent and intriguing compositions, the most impressive element of Empty Tremor's music is the considerable talent of vocalist Gio De Luigi. Between his range, depth and effortless versatility, Luigi commands respect and attention. He must be one of the best unknown Rock/Metal singers going in the European theater. While expert throughout, his work on "Autumn Leaves", "Friends in Progression", "Everyday", and the absolutely brilliant "Warm Embrace" are massively entertaining displays of his power.
Their music is pretty darn good! Empty Tremor is hardly some Dream Theater (or name your own most recognizable, ever popular, melodic Prog band) copy cat. Their music can be equally accessible and soulful, sometimes heavy, but mostly intricate and expressive. The aforementioned songs, and adding the title cut, are elemental examples of Empty Tremors vision and musicianship. However, the opening two songs "Breaking the Mirror" and "Run" don't quite inspire, at least at first. But with return listens they will definitely persuade you to Empty Tremor's simple brilliance.
Many Progressive Rock/Metal albums has passed your way, but Empty Tremor's "Iridium" will easily be on your short list of the best Progressive bands! Solid stuff, and highly recommended!!
SG Records, 2014 (SGCD033). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Breaking The Mirror 6:26
2. Run 4:04
3. Warm Embrace 10:33
4. Autumn Leaves 8:06
5. Friends In Progression 5:44
6. Unconditional Love 8:31
7. Everyday 4:47
8. The Last Day On Earth 5:57
9. Iridium 9:36
Total playing time: 63:44


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