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THE PRIVATEER “Facing The Tempest” /CD/

  • THE PRIVATEER “Facing The Tempest” /CD/

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The debut full-length studio album by German Folk/Power Metal band.
The music varies a little between Folk Metal and traditional Heavy Metal, with a slightly greater trend to
Folk. The Privateer delight with good songwriting ideas, exclusively fine melodies, catchy hooks and the creation of an ever exciting atmosphere. A great album that is welcome no matter if you prefer Heavy, Power or Pirate Metal, it's having the characters of it all. There are fierce and dramatic vocals, accurate violin and guitar melodies, and a great sense for timing and song composing.
Every host is warmly recommended booking Privateer, cause when it comes to party and drink sales, you won't hardly find anything more promising!
Trollzorn Records, 2011 (TZ037). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Awakening 2:56
2. Dawn Of A Sailesman 5:33
3. Last Journey 6:07
4. Descent To Hades 7:25
5. Blackbeard 5:23
6. Port Corrad 4:09
7. Basilisk 5:58
8. Stormlashed 5:58
Total playing time: 43:31 min.



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