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DUALITY "Elektron" /CD/

  • DUALITY "Elektron" /CD/

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    Band: DUALITY
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Official release of the debut full-length album by Italian Progressive Death Metal band.
Italy's well known for its crusing Death Metal scene and over the top Technical wizardry. Duality is yet another great exemple of the quality bands available in this great part of the world. Born out of a love of old/new school Progressive Death Metal, classical strings and Jazz improvisation, Duality have managed to somehow make all of those vibes work cohesively on their debut full length.
"Elektron" was released independently by Duality in 2015, but PRC Music has officially released album next year.
The quality and musicianship of Duality is definitely up to par and definitely above average on a wider scale. Structurally there’s a foundation of modern Technical Death Metal a la Obscura and The Faceless; and if that were all that the band had to offer, it’d still make for a pretty good album. Tracks like “Six Years Locked Clock”, “Azure” and “Along the Crack” all have threads of respectable rage, but it’s the sharp left turns throughout that rage that truly excels "Elektron" forward. Throbbing riffs give way unexpectedly to the singular serenity of chamber music and/or the kind of Jazzy guitar bounce typically heard on your local public radio station on a Saturday night. Duality also are keen on the kind of dissonant note juxtaposition made famous by the likes of Atheist and Voivod, which when matched against these more serene moments creates a beautifully discordant cacophony
Deploying so many varying styles and influences into a traditionally rigid song structure could easily come across as shticky or forced, but it never feels unnatural. “Hanged on a Ray of Light” is a fantastic example of this feat, with its sweeping violin runs and percussive shuffle anchoring islands of guitar harmonies and venomous vocal spew.
Mixing Technical Death Metal with Jazz and Progressive music is nothing new in this world but the general feel and the absolutely amazing musical arrangements makes this band a solid contender to the throne left vacant since the good old days of Atheist, Cynic and Death. Top notch production, awesome album cover and artwork... you absolutely need this!!
Monstrous old school Technical Death Metal for fans of: Death, Cynic and Atheist!!
PRC Music, 2015/2016 (PRC54). Made in Canada.

1. Six Years Locked Clock 07:01 
2. Azure 03:37 
3. Chaos_Introspection 01:26 
4. Along the Crack 06:19 
5. Motions 04:00 
6. Plead for Vulnerability 07:31 
7. Hybrid Regression 05:41 
8. Hanged on a Ray of Light 11:05
Total playing time: 46:45 min.


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