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Debut full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
This is a perfect example of a modern Thrash Metal band with influences of what Metallica did after the “Load” album. Vocalist has a particular style and seems that he is part of the base of Metallica fans in Italy. Anyway, Reapter band has strong musical skills and they created dynamic guitar riffs carefully placed in melodic structures. Everything is around the guitar work. Band did an excellent work on the debut album, but they have to work and get an own personality before they become another band with the sound of Hetfield and Co.
Anyway, this is the good Thrash Metal album for fans of Metallica and Megadeth!!
Live Tribe Music/Buil2Kill Records, 2010/2013 (B2K_0027). Made in Italy.

1. Zarathustra     04:33 
2. Self Destruction     03:56 
3. Carnage     03:47 
4. Speak My Name     04:15 
5. Run For Glory     03:28 
6. The Evil Inside     03:39 
7. Pain     03:48 
8. Sorrow     03:49 
9. Giant     03:24 
10. Sea Storm     04:04
Total playing time: 38:43

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