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DESTRUCTION “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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Limited Edition of the tenth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
The Mad Butcher is back - and still can make the Thrash aficionado happy with his implements of Horror! Celebrating 25 years of Destruction is, of course, an additional motivation to record a new classic!!
"D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." not only represents the Thrash Metal classic from the highly regarded veteran German Metal icon, it additionally celebrates 25 years of commitment from this no-holds-barred bevy that continues to prove there is no slowing down. Album unveils a hurricane of technically skilled, energetic Thrash Metal. Angry, aggressive and melodic in delivery, it is undeniably Destruction!
The band has never before been so well prepared for a recording, and the new material is very dynamic crashing straight in your face. All Thrash maniacs can now look forward to a merciless and varied album which will put its predecessors in the shade.
The album features three guitarists as guest appearances - Gary Holt of Exodus/Slayer and Jeff Waters of Annihilator, both playing solos in the song "Urge (The Greed of Gain)", in addition of Vinnie Moore from UFO.
Beware! Total destruction, total fun, total Thrash Metal!!
Limited Edition enhanced CD features: multimedia player with video, slideshow, wallpapers and exclusive access to the Destruction Online-Lounge!!!
AFM Records, 2008 (AFM 223-9). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Devolution 5:29 
2. Elevator To Hell 5:38 
3. Vicious Circle - The 7 Deadly Sins 4:42 
4. Offenders Of The Throne 4:16 
5. Last Desperate Scream 3:59 
6. Urge (The Greed Of Gain) 4:41 
7. The Violation Of Morality 4:36 
8. Inner Indulgence 4:46 
9. Odyssey Of Frustration 5:28 
10. None Shall Survive 4:28
Total playing time: 48:03

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