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LOWER HELL "Hellevator" CD/

  • LOWER HELL "Hellevator" CD/

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Debut and only full-length album by the German Melodic Death Metal band.
Since their official formation in early 2007, Lower Hell are an unstoppable nuclear hurricaine rushing through Europe, leaving nothing but wasteland. Imagine a wild mixture of fast Thrash Metal with a fine melodic edge and a well-meant dose of Rock combined with some really good ideas for those who love Bands like Lamb Of God, Darkest Hour or even (no joke!) Dragonforce!
“Hellevator” offers everything the modern Metalhead wants to hear: unbelievable fast doublebass-drumming, hypnotic solos and, of course, a bunch of perfect arranged sonic hurricane!!
Bastardized Recordings, 2010 (BE041). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Warriors Of The Dead     5:37 
2. The Requiem     2:54 
3. Aftershow Party In A Casket     4:46 
4. Nothing Personal Just Business     3:07 
5. The Shores Of Acheron     1:24 
6. Tonight I'm Coming Home     6:34 
7. The Beast     5:05 
8. Hellevator     4:58 
9. This Is Vengeance     3:20 
10. Lower Hell     4:48 
11. Keep The Good Times Rollin     4:17 
12. Bury Me Where I Can't Hear     6:14
Total playing time: 53:04

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