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DÅÅTH “The Hinderers” /CD/

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    Band: DÅÅTH
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Second full-length album by American Industrial/Melodic Death/Groove Metal band.
Daath's ambitious sophomore album, “The Hinderers”, already challenges a few musical conventions by meshing ample Symphonic and Electronic elements into an otherwise archetypal Death Metal sound - but that's not even as surprising as their extensive lyrical immersion in Kabbalistic mysticism.
“The Hinderers” is incredibly enjoyable album with great riffs and great melodies. It is a very big step ahead of their much simpler independent debut “Futility”. The drums sound punishing, the guitars are clear and crisp, and the keyboards complement the sound well without overwhelming the mix. The keys add an important role to the music. They demonstrate the melodies and harmonies of the former combined with the technicality and brutality of the latter and some fairly run-of-the-mill vocals. The production, handled by the very proficient James Murphy, is excellent, as one would expect. Metal elitists will turn up their noses due to the more mainstream sound, but those with an open mind can find plenty to love here.
From start to finish this is a well-written album and excellent major label debut for these guys from Atlanta!
Album contains guest solos by James Murphy (ex-Death, ex-Testament and ex-Obituary) and James Malone (Arsis)!!
Roadrunner Records, 2007 (RR 8049-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Subterfuge 03:39
2. From the Blind 03:47
3. Cosmic Forge 04:27
4. Sightless 03:17
5. Under a Somber Sign 03:36
6. Ovum 03:27
7. Festival Mass Soulform 03:23
8. Above Lucium 04:08
9. Who Will Take the Blame? 04:25
10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade) 02:02
11. Dead on the Dancefloor 03:57
12. Blessed Through Misery 04:12
13. The Hinderers 04:23
Total playing time: 48:26


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