BLACK SHADOW “Ада Возмездие Лжепророчным Тварям / Hell’s Retribution To False Prophets’ Scums” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the fourth full-length album by Russian Black Metal band.
The album was originally released by S.B.M. Records in 2006. In 2015 it was completely re-mixed and released by More Hate Production.
CD presents finally developed distinctive style of the band – evil guitar-based Technical Black Metal. The voice of Lord Demogorgon was put on top in order to make clear the significant part of Black Shadow – extreme lyrics in Russian. In general, the album sounds as one piece rather than a compilation of songs – it’s a solid alloy of anger, hatred and speed. Headbanging riffs and blast-beats alternate with slow heavy inserts, guitar melodies and melodic solos.
Great sound of the album and improved the quality of the material.
Advised to all fans of Black Metal, regardless of personal preferences! This album of Black Shadow is melodic, angry, technically and interesting!!
More Hate Productions, 2006/2015 (MHP 15-160). Made in Russia.

1. Страшный суд 05:46 
2. На колени, к ногам Сатаны! 05:27 
3. Во тьме нет жизни - только смерть... 04:38 
4. Пусть вечно горит немощь Христа в пламени ада! 05:00 
5. Зло царит в каждом из нас 02:50 
6. Ада возмездие лжепророчным тварям 03:46 
7. Мир во власти Сатаны 05:11 
8. Кровавые похороны мира 04:03 
9. Приговор распятого лжепророка 05:07 
10. В логове ведьмы... 05:53
Total playing time: 47:41

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