BLACK SHADOW “Против бога - Во имя Тьмы! / Against The God – In The Name Of Darkness!” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the first EP by Russian Black Metal band.
Black Shadow is a long-running Russian Black Metal duo featuring Lord Demogorgon (on vocals, bass and guitar) and Asmodeus (on guitar).
Release includes four studio tracks recorded back in 2002 and four bonus live tracks taken from the Moscow show (November 18, 2004). It was originally released by SBM Records in limited quantity to 100 copies and became rare.
In May of 2015, all album tracks were re-mixed and the completely new artwork was made. The new sound is clearer and thicker.
Musical material presented on the album is fast and technical Melodic Black Metal in the vein of such Swedish icons like Setherial and Dark Funeral with distinctive Russian lyrics by Lord Demogorgon.
Black Shadow is at home with hyper-speed blasting stuff, not giving much mercy to the listeners while letting the band invade your speakers. All the studio stuff sounds really good, but the same cannot be said about the bonus live tracks. Those sound really raw and extremely unpolished.
If you want to find out how it would sound if Dark Funeral was cloned in Russia, the answer can be found right here.
Definitely must have for all fans of Pure Black Metal art!
More Hate Productions, 2007/2015 (MHP 15-148). Made in Russia.

1. Избранный Сатаной 05:35 
2. Пробуди в себе зверя 03:55 
3. Да прольётся же кровь отпрысков Бога 03:40 
4. Против бога - во имя тьмы! 07:16 
5. Конец света 05:10 
6. Зов смерти 03:49 
7. Возвращение князя тьмы 04:02 
8. Порождение тьмы и зла 04:03
Total playing time: 37:30

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